The CALM Dog Training Company was created to give people an affordable route into becoming a dog trainer.

I have been training dogs for over 20 years, initially this was my own dogs and assisting friends with theirs, this then extended out to volunteering in local rescue centers and eventually I decided that I wanted to make the leap to being a full time dog trainer. Although the dog training industry is currently unregistered and therefore no formal qualifications are needed, I felt that I needed a qualification in order to successfully promote myself and my business and this is where I found the industry massively lacking. I, like many working people with financial responsibilities couldn't afford the time off work to do the extensive degree courses that are now available in animal psychology and training. or the financial commitment to do the well respected part time study courses, instead I did many many cheaper online courses which were really not fit for purpose (but have actually cost me in excess of £3000 when I add up the combined cost of them).

Having successfully trained hundreds and hundreds of dogs over the past decade, and created the CALM plan as a simple to follow guide for owners to use to train their dogs, I decided to create the CALM dog training company so that others could afford to be trained in this method and make their dream of becoming a dog trainer a reality without wasting money on ineffective courses as I did.

The CALM plan is focused around 4 golden rules which support owners in building a truly great relationship with their dog. CALM is based on the belief that if you follow a simple structure of rules / guidelines you can avoid or eliminate many behavioral problems without the need to devise specific training set ups for each issue.

CALM training works as it increases the dogs confidence, and a dog that feels confident in their home and partnership with their owner will not be stressed when left alone and not destroy the house, they will not feel threatened by other people or other dogs and react aggressively, they will have a fun relationship with their owner thus making them want to stay close and therefore less likely to have recall issues and so on.

When you purchase the CALM Dog trainer course you will get lifetime access to your tutor in order to fully support you in your career as a dog trainer. Upon completion of your course you will receive your CALM dog training certificate and are then eligible to attend one of the advanced trainer courses, these are 2 day practical courses to give you hands on experience in a safe environment and learn business management skills.