This complete online course is for anyone wanting to start a new career as a dog trainer, it is comprised of 5 modules....

Module 1: Origions of the domestic dog

Module 2: Understanding the canine brain

Module 3: The history of dog training 

Module 4: The CALM program

Module 5: Problem solving - dealing with common behavioral problems.

And a final assesment.

Once completed you will be competant in understanding a variety of popular dog training methods and how these have been moulded to create the CALM plan making it simple for both trainers and owners / clients to use and impliment.

Become a Calm Trainer

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  • This is a purely online course and once purchased you will be emailed the password for the members zone where you can access  and download the modules to work through at your own pace, at the end of each module you will be required to email back detailed responses to an essay question to demonstrate your full understanding of the module.

    Upon passing the course you will be emailed a copy of your CALM trainer certificate and will be an accreditted dog trainer, you will then be emailed an invitation to the next practical course where you can become an advanced trainer. These practical courses allow you to gain hands on experience, discuss successes and failings with your peers and learn practical skills regarding setting up and running your business.

    You will have constant access via email to your tutor who will support you through your learning and will remain available for help after you have completed the course.