This complete online course is for anyone wanting to start a new career as a dog trainer, it is comprised of 5 modules....

Module 1: Origions of the domestic dog

Module 2: Understanding the canine brain

Module 3: The history of dog training 

Module 4: The CALM program

Module 5: Problem solving - dealing with common behavioral problems.

And a final assesment.

Once completed you will be competant in understanding a variety of popular dog training methods and how these have been moulded to create the CALM plan making it simple for both trainers and owners / clients to use and impliment.

Learn the simple 4 step plan that we teach our trainers so you can train your dog yourself.

This course is available for anyone who has already completed the online CALM course.

The course covers setting up and running your own business and gives you the opportunity to gain some hands on experience with dogs to practice situations you will encounter during your training consultations.

Spaces are limited to 10 people per course.

Learn the simple strategies to avoid or deal with separation anxiety in your dog